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04 July 2014 @ 11:59 pm
My Collection 7-4-2014  
Alright, so here we are! I'm starting up my collection blog. I've been collecting ever since I can remember and just recently have really gotten the urge to jump back into the community and get a bit more involved. This blog is mainly gonna focus on my pokemon collection which is kinda mediocre at the moment...
...but I have a bunch of stuff coming and I'm in the process of looking for more, so I'll update every so often to show it growing :3

Feel free to check out and leave a comment in my wants or trades journals or even just leave a comment here saying hello!

I look forward to meeting you all ^^

[New Items:]

New Items:

Well....first off is the Charizard card. It's first edition, base set, and graded 9 by PSA. I think we've all heard about this item before, so I don't have much to say about it XD But hooray for finally getting something I've wanted since I was a little kid ^^

Next there's the Zoroark mini gashapon machine. When I saw it I just fell in love with it and had to have it. It's what really started me looking at little pokemon figures again. I love the attention to detail on it and the fact that it actually works. The tiny little capsules inside are so cute!

Finally, there's the little clear ditto-pikachu (dittochu?) figure that I got at an anime con for basically no money. I can't really find any info on it, so I have no idea what it is! If anyone out there knows, I'd love to learn about it. In the meantime, it's super adorable and I'm in love with it.

Thanks for reading~
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